08 December 2012

Cheap Tablet Options In The UK

With the christmas and new year fast approaching, it is time to go on a shopping spree. If tablets are on your list, then it is wise to take a look at these tablets for your consideration. Note that these tablets are geared towards the UK market.

Capacitive technology means that the displays are more sensitive to the touch, making the experience of using even the cheapest of tablets, such as the budget Kogan Agora (£119), much more satisfying than trying to poke the wobbly, plasticky resistive screens of previous generations of technology. 
However, as nice as the newer, cheaper displays might be to touch, you also want to examine the resolution they offer. A 7-inch screen outputting at just 800 x 480 isn't going to look very clear or sharp, because that screen resolution is already a little out of date, even on the smaller screens of Android smartphones nowadays. 
A decent budget option, however, such as the Archos 70 (available for about £170), offers a 7-inch display running at a more respectable 1,024 x 768, which will make everything from web text to apps appear much clearer than something that's expanding a lower resolution image to fill a 7-inch screen. 
Another legacy Android issue that still affects some of the cheaper tablets these days is access to the Google Play Store. Some models from lesser known brands, such as the ViewSonic ViewPad 10e (available for about £140) don't have the certification to offer access to Google's official app store on board, although most of today's newer budget models now do. 
Source: Tech Radar
Some points to consider on buying cheap tablet but with quality are:

  1. Google Play availability on the tablet. This is the major app market to have on your Android.
  2. Display technology. Go for capacitive display, and do take note of the resolution. Bigger is better.
  3. RAM availability. If the tablet runs Android 4.0, 1GB RAM is the minimum. More is better.
  4. Android OS upgrade availability. This is important, since most tablets are not upgradeable, so choosing your Android OS is important, because it is more likely that you will be stuck with the OS. For your consideration, the current OS is version 4.2 Jelly Bean. Most tablets today are available using the OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
  5. Connectivity options. Most tablets comes with WiFi. If you need 3G, then you have to prepare to pay more for it.
Happy Shopping!

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