23 October 2011

Budget Tablet PC Buying Guide

There are a lot of things to consider when buying tablet PC on a budget. First you must think about the purpose of the tablet. What are you going to do with the tablet. Are you going to use it for reading ebooks ? Playing games ? Light browsing ? These things will affect the requirement for the tablet.

Budget tablet PC's are always a compromise. Features will be sacrificed. By having a purpose, you can focus on features that are important. Below are a list of features to focus on.

Battery Life:
The first and most important feature to consider is battery life. A Tablet PC that needs to be recharged every hour is not fun to use. Expecting a budget tablet PC to have a battery life of an iPad is absurd, but we should at least aim for a 5-6 hours of battery life for daily usage.

Screen Size:
Most budget tablet pc's screen size is 7-inch. There is little choice here. For occasional usage, a 7-inch screen is good enough. If you can find a deal for a 10-inch screen within your budget, then go for it.

Android Version:
Almost all budget tablet PC are using Android as their Operating System. However there are many version of Android used. Most budget tablet PC uses Android version 2 made for use in smartphones. Smartphones have different screen size with tablet PC. Screen size in smartphones range from 3-inch - 4-inch. While tablets range from 7-inch to 10-inch. There is a huge difference. If the tablet is using Android version 2, then go for 7-inch screen. The effect of stretching and empty space will be minimized. The best Android version for tablet is Android version 3, codenamed Honeycomb. Always go for this Android version if you can.

Processor, Memory and Connectivity
These are the last things to look for, it is always best to go with faster processor and bigger memory. For connectivity, most are equipped with WiFi at the minimum. If you need a 3G connection, then look for 3G Connectivity option. This should be considered a bonus rather than a requirement.

There you have it, the Budget Tablet PC Buying Guide. I strongly recommend you check out Amazon selection of tablets by clicking here. They have everything from top tablet PC to budget tablet PC. Good luck!

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