23 October 2011

What Is A Good Cheap Tablet PC ?

Tablet PC is dominating the world of technology now. Popularized by Apple iPad, released in April 2010. It is not new, Microsoft introduced the first tablet PC with its Microsoft Tablet PC concept in 2001. The term tablet PC by the current definition refers to computer-like device that is operated by a touch screen and not intended to run general PC operating systems or applications.

Apple iPad is the standard by which all other tablets are based. The closest competition to iPad is Android-based tablet. Android is the name of a smart phone OS from Google, and since version 3.0 (Honeycomb), it is optimized for use in a tablet PC.

The current price range of the tablet PC is also set by iPad and its successor iPad 2, retailing from at $499 for the low-end model up to $699 for the high-end model. This is what most tablet PC manufacturer sets their product prices. If we consider a half price to be a base for cheap tablet PC, then a cheap good tablet PC would be priced at $249 or less.

Most cheap tablet PC are based on Android OS from Google, some even using Android OS version 2.x, designed for smart phone. This rarely works because of screen size difference. Smartphone screen size are around 3-inches, while tablet screen size are at least 7-inches. Therefore putting a smart phone OS will result in a lot of stretching or too much empty space on the screen.

Therefore, a cheap good tablet PC must balanced the standard set by Apple iPad and price. This is mostly done by removing features that the manufacturer believes most people will not use. The Apple iPad hardware is well known for its thin and light design, as well as long battery life. These features are mostly the first ones to be compromised in cheap tablet PC.

There are a lot of cheap tablet PC in the market now, all competing with the iPad and most, if not all are based on Android. But finding a cheap and good tablet PC is an art in itself.

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