06 December 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire Beats Samsung Galaxy Tab

Amazon Kindle Fire sales has surpassed Samsung Galaxy Tab and is closing in on Apple iPad. Kindle Fire was launched by Amazon back in November and for the fourth quarter 2011 has shipped 3.9 million units beating the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which sold 1.37 million units. The Kindle Fire is now the second bestselling tablet in the world. You can read more about the achievement over on Boy Genius Report. But what exactly is a Kindle Fire ?

Amazon Kindle Fire is based on Google's Android Operating System. It is also the first in the Amazon Kindle family to come in color. With a price tag of $199, it is one of the cheapest tablet PC based on Android. It is designed as an e-book reader, so do not expect a lot of bells and whistles on the Kindle Fire. What it does, it does very well and for $199, it is a very good deal.

The hardware, software and performance are good but not great. The soft-touch materials are comfortable in the hand. However the Kindle Fire is a bit heavy for prolonged reading. The software has a nice, simple interface that a wide range of users will be able to navigate easily. Game play and video playback is fluid, however hiccups and stutters does happens while opening certain apps and performing some functions.

Leading up to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, media tablets had for the most part been ill-conceived devices that were seemingly rushed out the door in an effort to capitalize on the hype surrounding the iPad. Kindle Fire offered a key ingredients: differentiation. Amazon used the open source Android OS as the framework on which it built its own unique user experience. Amazon also build its own app store and its own suite of services. No one will ever notice that Google’s Android operating system powers the Fire just by looking at it casually.

The Kindle Fire is not an iPad killer. In fact, it offer users a solid experience and a comprehensive catalog of services that make it easy to access existing content and to find new content. It is very, very easy to use, which is something that cannot be said of some other tablets. No wonder it quickly become popular and is surpassing the top Android based tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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