26 January 2013

Android Tablet sales beat iPad in Japan

Google Nexus 7 beats the iPad in a recent survey done in Japan. Price is a major factor voiced by customers surveyed.

The report cites a survey from Japanese market research firm BCN, which contacted 2,400 stores across Japan. According to the survey, Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, manufactured by Asus, made up 44.4% of of all tablet sales by volume in December. Apple’s iPad tablets only accounted for 40.1% of December sales. It should be noted that Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets were not included in the survey, “as these devices are primarily sold online.” The larger retailers surveyed, however, cited the Kindle Fire as the third best-selling tablet in their stores. 
The publication cites the lower price of the Nexus 7 as a large selling point for the tablet. It also points to the iPad Mini as a possible factor in Apple’s lower iPad sales, and the fact that Apple fans may have already bought the newest version of the iPad when it debuted in November. 
Source: Web Pro News
Soon Android Tablet is going to be the IBM PC that beats Apple Macintosh back in the desktop PC early days. History seems likely to repeat itself.

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