18 November 2012

IdolPad 9 Cheap Android Tablet

IdolPad 9 is a 9-inch offering from Idolian company. It is priced at $148 and comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and 8GB storage.

IdolPad 9 tablet pc offers a capacitive touch screen which has a lower response time and is more sensitive than a resistive touch screen. Also, the capacitive touch screen transmits 90 percent of the light emitted from it which provides a better viewing experience. It also offers a Cortex A8 1.2 GHz CPU processor, 512MB RAM and 8GB storage on Android 4.0. The design is very thin and light with fully functional Android Google Play. And with its price tag of $148, the IdolPad 9 is significantly less expensive than competitors, such as the Apple ipad and the Amazon Kindle Fire. 
Source: Equities
Pre-order begins on 16 November and will start shipping 3 December.

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